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Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by Tim Rice

Producer - Ben D Bollinger

Director – Chuck Ketter & John LaLonde

Choreographer – Dustin Ceithamer

Music Director – Jo Monteleone


Rehearsals begin February 27th 2017

Show Runs March 31st – April 29th

Open call (No Appointment Necessary)

Auditions are at 7:00 pm on Monday, January 30th and Tuesday, January 31st

Call Backs will be held on February 1st

Please bring picture and resume and prepare 16 bars of a contemporary musical theater song. You may sing from the score. Be prepared to dance if asked. All Roles Are Open.


Character Breakdown

Jesus Christ - tenor (A2–G5)

Title role, leader of the twelve disciples, a man, called the "Son of God" and the "King of the Jews."

Judas Iscariot - tenor (D3–D5)

One of the twelve apostles of Jesus; concerned for the poor and the consequences of Jesus's fame.


Mary Magdalene - mezzo-soprano (F3–Eb5)

A female follower of Jesus who finds herself falling in love with him.

Pontius Pilate - baritenor (A2–B4

Governor of Judea who foresees the events of Jesus's crucifixion from beginning to aftermath in a dream and finds himself being presented with that very situation.

Caiaphas - bass (C#2–F4)

One of the main antagonists of the show. High priest who sees Jesus as a threat to the nation.

Annas - countertenor (G2–D5)

One of the main antagonists of the show. Fellow priest at the side of Caiaphas who is persuaded by Caiaphas into seeing Jesus as a threat.

Peter - baritone (A2–G4)

One of Jesus's twelve apostles; denies Jesus three times upon the night of Jesus's arrest to save himself.

Simon Zealotes - tenor (G3–B4)

One of Jesus's twelve apostles; urges Jesus to lead his followers into battle against the Romans

King Herod - tenor (C#3–G4)

The King of Galilee; Jesus is brought to him for judgment after first being taken to Pilate.

Disciples, Priests, Ensemble - 20s-40s; must be singers who are at home in pop/rock stylings; must move very well; strong sight reading and musicianship skills a plus